Without any warning, Apple consumer Apple IDs are being locked.

Apple users are experiencing unauthorized access to their Apple IDs without any clarification.


It looks like more and more Apple ID users are having trouble tonight with some kind of failure. A lot of people on social media say that they had to change their passwords and log back into their Apple IDs after being locked out of multiple devices on Friday night…

Have you logged out of your Apple ID?

Around 8 p.m. ET, we got our first tip about this. The issue has gotten a lot of attention on social media in the hours since then.

Apple’s System Status page doesn’t show that any of its services are having problems right nowSocial media posts, on the other hand, make it clear that Apple is up to no good behind the scenes. Some of us at 9to5Mac have also been directly touched by the issue.

Some people are being locked out of all of their Apple IDs. You will not be able to get into your account if you try to sign in with your old Apple ID password. After that, you’ll have to change your password before you can log in again. It looks like this is happening for no clear reason.

It’s not clear yet if what’s happening on Friday evening has anything to do with the problem of ongoing password change attacks that we’ve been following for a few weeks.

Also, if you have Stolen Device Protection turned on, being signed out of your Apple ID without a reason can be a real pain when you’re not in a safe place.

Another issue is that if you change your Apple ID password, any app-specific passwords you set up through iCloud will also be changed.

Have you logged out of your Apple ID tonight? 

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