X now lets adult material made by AI

X now permits AI-generated adult content


The rules of social media network X have been changed so that users can now officially share NSFW material that was made by AI with their permission, as long as it is clearly labeled. This change is similar to tests that were done in the past under Elon Musk’s leadership, where adult material was hosted in certain areas.

“We think that people should be able to make, share, and read sexual content as long as they agree to do so.” “S3xual expression, whether it’s written or shown, can be a valid form of art,” X’s new “adult content” policy says.

The policy goes on to say, “We think that adults should be able to decide to interact with and make content that reflects their thoughts, desires, and incidents, even those that are sexual in character.” As a measure, we make sure that kids and adults who choose not to see adult material don’t have to see it.

Users can mark their posts as having sensitive media, which means that people under 18 or who haven’t given their birth dates can’t see that material.

X’s rules about violent content are similar, but the site is very strict about not letting content that is too bloody or shows sexual violence. Explicit threats or material that encourages or praises violence are still illegal.

The reason X decided to allow graphic material was so that users could share important photos and videos and take part in conversations about current events.

Even though X has never officially banned porn, these new rules could make it easier for adult content-focused services to pop up, giving X a chance to compete with services like OnlyFans and make more money. This would help Musk reach his goal of making X an “everything app” like WeChat in China.

According to internal company documents cited by Reuters in 2022, about 13% of posts on the site had adult material. This number has probably gone up, especially since there are so many porn bots on X.

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