All Things Technological in 2020

Everything About Technology In 2020

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Despite the fact that 2020 won’t be remembered for the right reasons, there is always hope. On that point, there were several significant advancements in the image and entertainment industry that could have slipped people’s notice. The entertainment and media sector will be the focus of the YITR 2020, which will also include a study of image and digital media technologies.

What’s Best in 2020

The Apple M1 SoC Processor may be the computer of the future. This last quarter, Apple released their newest processor (Apple Silicon), which is found in the Macbook Air, Macbook Pro (13″ only), and Mac Mini. The M1 caught my eye even though the iPhone 12 was expected to attract the most attention. Apple’s transition to their own CPU based on the ARM architecture and away from the x86 architecture (such as Intel) is represented by the M1. They created a more powerful CPU that is also more energy-efficient. Better performance per watt is provided by this, which can reduce energy consumption for laptop batteries with longer life.

It has a strong processor as well. Tests have previously demonstrated the M1’s capabilities when used with a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro. It eventually even performs better than the 2019 Macbook Pro. On an M1 CPU running Rosetta 2, older x86 apps also seemed to perform better in single core workload activities. This is advantageous for content producers that mostly write tales, post content, and edit simple videos. Currently, the M1 is only found on 3 models, but a high-end Macbook Pro with a bigger display sounds great for 2021. It may be advisable to wait for the next generation of Macbook Pros with a bigger display if you need additional computing power.

No one can now refute the influence of TikTok. 2020 saw a rise in subscribers and activity, which helped the social media platform have a successful year. Numerous individuals are either remaining in or working from home, which may be related to the status of the planet. TikTok offers amusement from content producers of all stripes who do dances, impersonate tunes, and even absurd challenges.

Because there is a market for it, everything works out. Younger individuals make up a sizable portion of the user base and frequently consume material. Like Snapchat (which might have done what TikTok achieved), it is also readily accessible as a smartphone app. Despite the controversies surrounding the app, TikTok is still widely used and will end the year with a solid user base.

Zoom became crucial practically immediately for staying in touch digitally with friends, family, and coworkers because the year 2020 was marked by lockdowns and social withdrawal. One of the most popular applications is the video software for virtual conferences. When the initial lockdowns and the epidemic began in March 2020, use skyrocketed. In March, Zoom logged 200 million daily meetings, and in April 2020, 300 million. Even employing Zoom for virtual photography, some photographers.

Zoom faced some privacy and security-related controversies, similar to TikTok. The quality of the app was acceptable on most smartphones, and it was simple to use. In comparison to other applications, it operated more smoothly and featured a user-friendly layout. Zoom became widely utilized as news of its ability to be used for online meetings, webinars, and conferences spread. The lesson focuses on cybersecurity issues, but Zoom should address them to reassure customers that their service is secure.

Gaming now has realistic graphics thanks to Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. Despite the software’s complex architecture, non-technical consumers were considered when it came to usage. It offers a tool for game creation and prototyping with a user-friendly interface. Additionally, there is no licensing cost, although for commercial usage, Epic does charge a royalty.

The Unreal Engine 4 is at the forefront of gaming thanks to photorealism. These library modules may be used by game designers to create stunning virtual world visuals. This looks much more amazing when used with ray tracing. If a game you’re playing has realistic graphics, Unreal 4 could have been used in its creation. Dragonball Fighter Z, Robo Recall, Street Fighter V, and Fortnite are a few games that utilise the Unreal Engine.

The Huawei Mate 40 Pro (or Pro+) continues to lead the DxOMark smartphone camera rankings as of this publishing (Score 136 for the Pro, 139 for Pro+). You have a triple camera system (Ultra Vision Camera) with a primary 50 MP camera, ultrawide 20 MP cine camera, and telephoto 12 MP camera, according to the specifications. A 13 MP Ultra Vision Selfie Camera is also included. It is capable of 2160p/60 fps 4K video.

Deceptions and Failures

Since many people were out of job and were sitting home during the epidemic, it would have been a wonderful opportunity to utilize this app. Quibi might have filled the gap, but it ended up being a temporary endeavor. Perhaps this was due to users’ lack of interest in the material, which prevented them from becoming subscribers, or to inadequate exposure from marketing, which might have done more to advertise the app. This has to be the most epic tech/media fail story of 2020, for whatever reason.


Those who tried and failed should give it another go and wow us with their efforts. Additionally, I’m looking for a larger rollout of 5G mobile for residential and commercial use to increase internet speeds in metropolitan areas. when a Zoom conference doesn’t freeze up in the middle of it while being streamed instantaneously or without the odd latency.

From watching videos to consuming material, we always demand rapid gratification. We will undoubtedly require faster devices and greater bandwidth, just as we do every year when we update to acquire that. Is this deliberate obsolescence? Perhaps there are higher expectations since today’s needs can never be met by yesterday’s offerings. As lockdowns are reinstated, there are indications of more economic slowdowns and new company regulations. We can only hope that 2021 brings fewer overall letdowns.

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