You should try these 8 other iPhone keyboards

8 Other iPhone Keyboards You Should Check Out


You’re in luck if you’re sick of the built-in iOS keyboard and want something that works better for the way you type. A recent video from iReviews showed off some cool new keyboard apps for the iPhone that might make texting better. Take a look at these other options that offer more than just typing.

1. Keyboard for Word Light: This keyboard uses artificial intelligence to make your conversation easier, which is great for people who check their iPhones for emails and texts all day. Imagine being able to quickly find common phrases and look at different devices without having to move your hands from the computer. This function not only saves you time but also makes your work better.

2. Calcu Keyboard: You don’t have to switch apps to do math when you can do it from your keyboard. With the Calcu Keyboard, you can use a calculator while you’re chatting. You can do quick math while chatting or writing an email, so having to do more than one thing at once won’t slow you down.

3. Til Type Keyboard: Are you ready to type faster on your iPhone? With its two round buttons, the Til Type Keyboard offers a new way to play. This could be a fun and different way to type, but it might take some time to get used to.

4. Secret Keyboard: If you care about privacy, the Secret Keyboard lets you send texts to anyone without the app that look like a bunch of odd symbols. Talking in private just got a lot more private. But remember that both the writer and the user need the app for it to work.

5. SnipKey: This keyboard gives you quick access to the pictures, links, and texts you use most often, which can help you get more done. This tool is great for people who share the same content over and over again; it saves time and taps.

6. RGB Keyboard: The RGB Keyboard lets you type with a splash of color. You can change the colors, sounds, and physical feedback to make it your own. This will not only make typing in dark mode easier but also a lot more fun.

7. Unique Character Keyboard: Do you ever find yourself looking for a special character that you can’t easily find on a regular keyboard? Because it has so many symbols, the Unique Character Keyboard is a must-have for people who need more than just letters and numbers.

8. Vision Keys: If you care about how something looks as much as how it works, the Vision Keys keyboard will catch your eye. Its sleek and modern look gives us a sneak peek at what iOS changes might look like in the future, combining style with function.

You can get most of these tools for free on your iPhone, but you may need to buy extra features or subscribe to a service to use them fully. At the end of the movie, download links are included to make it easy for people to try out these keyboards.

It can feel like learning a new instrument when you switch keyboards, but the time saved and the fun you can have with these customized choices are worth it. These keyboards have something for everyone, whether you want to be more productive, keep your messages safe, or just make typing more fun. Try them out and see which one works best for the way you type.

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