With AI features, iOS 18 could make a number of built-in iPhone apps better.

There will be big changes to more than a dozen apps.


iOS 18 is likely to have a lot of changes, like a new design language and more ways to customize your phone. It is also said that the new version will have major changes to many built-in iPhone apps, including Notes, Mail, Photos, Fitness, and more.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg says that the updated Notes app will have better support for showing math problems and making voice memos right in the app. Gurman also says that Apple might make a Calculator app just for the iPad.

According to MacRumors, Apple Maps will also get a new feature called “custom routes,” which will let users choose their route while they’re traveling. There aren’t many details about how this feature will work yet, but the code that the newspaper looked at suggests that it might only be available in the US at first.

Also, Apple is likely to add topographic maps to Apple Maps in iOS 18. This will give hikers and other outdoor fans access to useful features like trails, contour lines, elevation data, and places of interest. Once first seen in watchOS 10, mountain maps are set to be added to macOS 15 and visionOS 2 at the same time they are added to iOS 18.

Messages is another app that is about to get a big update. There are rumors that Apple is going to add RCS support to its main texting app. This will make talking between iPhones and Android devices better. Additionally, there are reports that the Messages app will soon have creative AI features, but details are not yet available.

Safari is also said to be getting AI improvements, which could include a viewing helper that can summarize web pages and do other things. A “web eraser” function that lets users get rid of certain parts of online pages is another possible addition.

In iOS 18, the Apple Music app might get auto-generated sets, and the calculator app might get a bunch of new features, like a sidebar that shows recent figures, a better way to convert units, and more. The Freeform app might also get a new “Scenes” feature that lets users pick out certain parts of the board to make it easy to move around.

Reports also say that Apple wants to add AI features to a lot of its current apps, like Health, Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. Mail, Photos, Fitness, and many other apps are going to get major updates, but the specifics haven’t been released yet.

Earlier reports suggested that Siri might be getting a big makeover, possibly adding Apple’s “Ajax GPT” language model to give the famous iPhone robot AI features like ChatGPT.

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