China is making laser-powered submarines that can go as fast as jet engines.

China is developing faster submarines than jet engines with laser power.


Chinese scientists are almost done with a huge step forward: they are almost done using lasers to move subs at speeds similar to jet engines.

Harbin Engineering University came up with the new technology, which is based on using lasers to make plasma underwater. A “detonation wave” is made by this process, which moves the submarine forward. In earlier efforts, it was hard to control the propulsion, but experts now say they have solved these problems.

Scientists think they can make up to 70,000 newtons of thrust by putting thin optical wires coated with materials that release lasers on subs. There is a chance that this could let ships go faster than sound.

However this new development has made people worry that laser propulsion technology could be used to make weapons, especially since there are fears of a growing arms race in submarines. Because of this progress, people all over the world are talking about its moral and military effects.

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