Tesla has already backed off of its plans for a supercharger after firing a team

After sacking the staff, Tesla has already retracted its plans for a supercharger.


There are already changes being made to Tesla’s plans for Superchargers after Elon Musk fired the whole charging team.

Elon Musk has fired the whole charging team at Tesla, as was reported earlier today, and has since been confirmed by many workers who are leaving the company.

The CEO said in an email that Tesla would continue to build the Supercharger stations that are already under construction. He did not say anything else about how the lack of a charging team will affect Tesla’s plan to grow the important EV charging network.

What we now know is that there are already clear effects on Supercharger stations that are planned for the future.

According to people who know about the situation, Tesla pulled out of four deals for new Superchargers in New York. One was in Maspeth, South Bronx; the other three were in Queens; and the last one was in Gateway Center, Brooklyn.

These are new stations that were just released to help with the problem of New York Supercharger sites being too crowded.

We wrote about this problem in January when people at some stops had to wait a long time to use a charger.

Part of the problem was that Uber drivers were using a lot more Teslas because the city had a new reason to get its ride-sharing fleet electric.

To fix the problem, Tesla said it would add 100 more chargers to New York City by the end of the year. They even worked directly with Uber to get information about where the best places are to put the new stations.

There used to be a lot of planned new stops in the city, and most of them have been taken away.

It was already being worked on at three of the four spots to make them “power-ready” so they could be used as Tesla charging points.

There is a bright side. When asked, Revel, which runs its fleet of electric taxis and charging stations in New York, said it was interested in these sites because they are in a good spot and can handle a lot of fast-charging cars.

Last quarter, Tesla installed a record amount of Superchargers. It now has 57,579 Superchargers in 6,249 sites around the world.

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