Sundar Pichai’s company, Google, fires the whole Python team for “cheaper labor.”

Layoffs at Google: Sundar Pichai-led business dismisses whole Python team due to "cheaper labor"


Google layoffs: In the last several weeks, Google has let go of several employees. Due to Google’s strategy to save costs by recruiting less costly labor outside of the United States, the firm recently saw layoffs in its Python sector as the whole staff was laid off, according to the Free Press Journal. The article stated that the corporation intends to establish a new team in Munich, Germany, which would serve as “cheaper” labor.

One of the former Google Python team members, who was deeply saddened by the layoffs, reportedly left comments on a article on Mastodon. The worker said that their twenty years at Google had been the finest job they had ever had and that it was unjust for the firm to start firing people. Another worker expressed his grief at witnessing his whole team—including the manager—being let go and being replaced with foreign remote workers. 

Less than 10 people were said to make up the US Python team, which oversaw the majority of Google’s Python ecosystem, maintained Python’s stability, updated thousands of third-party packages, and created a type checker. This follows rumors that Google also reduced workers in its finance and real estate divisions. 

In an email to staff members, Google’s finance head Ruth Porat also stated that the business is keeping up its larger reorganization initiatives while attempting to concentrate more on Bangalore, Mexico City, and Dublin.

In January, Google made hundreds of employees from a combination of departments, including its hardware, engineering, and assistant teams to go.

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