You can now make electricity with your feet.

Now you Can Generate Electricity with Your Feet


A new technology has come out that lets you use your footsteps to make power. You got that right! These cutting-edge technologies were created by Pavegen, a company based in the UK.

Pavegen showed off this device at the World Future Energy Conference in the United Arab Emirates. Underneath each tile the company makes is an electric device. The generator moves when you step on the tile, making energy.

The business says that this energy can be turned into power. The tiles don’t make a lot of energy, but they can still be used to power lighting and charge small electronics.

In Washington, DC, Pavegen’s tiles are used to power LED lights. In the UK, they have also been put in different places to power monitors and charging points for cell phones.

The founder of the company, Lawrence Kemball-Cook, says that the energy made by stepping on the tiles can be put into batteries or other devices. He also said that these tiles have been put down in more than 37 countries and can be used to power games by collecting data about how people walk on them.

Pavegen is also working on making combination tiles that use both solar energy and energy from foot traffic. The company plans to give these solar-hybrid tiles to the public next summer.

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